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Mentor of the Year Final, 17.01.22



On International Mentoring Day on the 17th of January, Youth Business International (YBI) held the Final of the Global Mentor of the Year 2021.

It was an exciting and thrilling event!
Mentors who entered the Final following regional Mentor of the Year, were introduced by their mentees. Each story was truly heartfelt and inspiring. Mentors’ stories of their mentoring experience encouraged all the participants.

The participants made a virtual journey across business realities of Peru, Sweden, Spain, Russia, India, Bangladesh and Dominica.

The ceremony was hosted by the General Manager of Youth Business Trinidad and Tobago (YBTT), Shedron Collins, since it was YBTT mentor Reggie Ramlochan who won last year Global Mentor of the Year. Reggie was in the jury this time, together with Marta Krupinska, Chair of YBI and Jo Gray, YBI Director.
It was not easy identifying a winner. All finalists deserved the award. The jury made a special mention of exceptional achievements of Tatiana Volchegorskaya, mentor from Russia, and Subhash Shejwal, mentor from India, and Caxton Njuki from Sweden was awarded Global Mentor of the Year 2021.

We congratulate the winner, finalists and all mentors supporting their mentees thus contributing enormously to global entrepreneurship development!

Video from the Final of Youth Business International (YBI) Global Mentor of the Year 2021:

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